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Transform your space with PURE

Contains Neofresh® technology that naturally eliminates odors up to 99.9% Neofresh® is a registered trademark of Symrise

Why NeoFresh Technology?


WHAT? A technology platform to counteract a variety of malodors. They specfically address body odors, environmental odors, and base odors. HOW TO USE? Active fragrances against malodors can be created using NeoFresh databases. The product variants are NeoFresh fragrances, Neonatural accords, and Symfresh captives. BENEFITS? Efficient state of the art technologies covering a range of mechnasims to counteract malodors. Versatile approach suitable for many applications addressing various malodors. Modular approach which is available in different forms, as complete fragrance or as an extra additive to fit your needs. Finally, there is solid claim support documentation about active ingredients and convincing proof of efficacy through human sensory or analytical tests.

NeoFresh Malodor Management - NeoFresh is based on four principles: Prevention: Stop the formation of malodors, Elimination: Remove malodors from the air, Suppression: Block the perception of malodors, and Perceptional Integration: Change the perception of smell.

Pure Collection



Sometimes we need a little extra help to invigorate the body and sharpen the mind. Even when cloudy days have taken over your world, this scent will transport you back to the sunshine. Make BRIGHT your moment. With white citron, mint springs and teakwood, it’s designed to bring an extra does of happy.



There is nothing like the fresh scent after a rainstorm. Washing away life’s worries and bringing on new beginnings. With leafy greens, dewy citrus, blonde woods and golden amber, CLEAR cleans all negativity throughout the house like the sun in a cloudless sky.



Whether you’re enjoying a Saturday night on the town or a quiet Sunday morning in bed, there’s nothing quite like a weekend in the city. From coffee to cocktails, cotton to cashmere, cozy on up and let SHINE scent your space. Here’s something to dream about.



A warm and calming scent that takes you to your happy place. A blend of amber rays, jasmine, musk, Turkish rose and vibrant greens make for a soft, soothing burn. Perfect for an unplugged Sunday, either on Do Not Disturb or because you lost your phone the night before. No shame necessary.



CLEAN is a fresh ozonic fragrance that evokes crisp bed sheets and a do-not-disturb sign on the door. This scent will not only comfort you, it’ll wrap you up with the brightness of lemon zest, eucalyptus, sweet mint and crisp cedar. The easiest way to bring five-star luxury into your home.



Let’s get REAL, in a world full of chaos why not momentarily disconnect from it all? Escape to the Pacific Islands with the lush, tropical fruity floral scent. Make every day in your home smell a little bit like a real odor-fighting luau. Aloh-haaa.



Get lost in the simple things. We can’t help but love the beauty of a Sunday spent laying in bed and catching up on rest before the work week begins. SIMPLE captures the feeling of calm accomplishments that overtakes you upon taking a pile of warm laundry our of the dryer.



TIDY up your space and luxuriate the air while eliminating ill odors with the beautiful floral woody scent. Infused with a heart of jasmine, magnolia petals and violets, sitting on top of white patchouli, santal and cedar. Get ready to make a chic impression and infuse your night with loads of style.



Crank up the fresh-tensity of the air in your home and fight stinks with odor-fighting FRESH. The airy undertones and crisp vibrant layers of blue lavender and iris petals blend with fresh lemon, grapefruit blossom and white musk. Go ahead, just try and stop sniffing…we dare ya.



Explore the peak of freshness with CRISP. This luxe blend of clary sage, rose water, orange flower, dewy aldehydes and rich cedar give you a fresh crisp scent that’s more adventurous than the rest. One whiff evokes thoughts of driving with the top down along the edge of a rocky coast.