What to do with your candles after
you've burned them?

As a candle company who is fully committed to trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we also try our very best to get our customers to do the same. After burning a candle, have you ever thought to yourself "What should I do with this?" - well here is what you can do!


Concept. What can you do with an old candle? You should actually ask yourself, what can't you do! There are so many different ways you can reuse your candle jar.

        Use it as a vase for flowers.
        Use it as a container to hold office supplies like paperclips or thumb tacks.
        Or to organize your makeup or hair accessories.
        To store your pet's favorite treats.
        Or as a tealight holder.

There are endless amounts of things to use or projects to create.

Need more ideas? Check out our Pinterest board!

Clean. There are a few ways to clean the wax out of your candle, however the safest, easiest, and cleanest way to clean out the wax and wick clips from your candle is by putting it in the freezer. Yes seriously!

This is the best way to get rid of wax with a no mess and no heat process. By placing your jar in the freezer, the cold environment causes the wax to harden and shrink which is what makes it easy to remove the wax.

          -Wait until your wax has solidified (if it is still hot, the change in temperature
             may cause the glass to crack)
          -Put your candle in the freezer for 2-3 hours
          -Take it out, and gently pry the wax out or tapping on the bottom with the
             palm of your hand
          -If that doesn't work, use a spoon or utensil to loosen the edges of the wax
          -Repeat as needed
          -Once the wax has popped out, pull the wick clips out and clean up any
             leftover residue with warm water and soap
          -Remove labels with warm water and soap

Execute. Now that you have burned your favorite candle all the way down, come up with a fun DIY project on how to reuse it, and have cleaned out the wax and wick clips, it's time to execute your new project!

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If you don't have the need to reuse your candle, please clean out the remaining wax and wick clips and recycle the jar. Help us help our planet by reducing our carbon footprint!

Need help finding where you can recycle near you? Check out How2Recycle's free resources HERE.