An Introduction to Wax

A Wax Primer
Decorative Candles 
The next time you enjoy the flickering light and beautiful fragrance of a Candle-lite decorative candle you can feel secure knowing that technical experts tested it to meet all industry/American Society for Testing and Materials, governmental and Candle-lite standards.
Since creating quality home interior candles is an extremely technical process, the following information will provide a brief introduction to the most accepted types of candle wax.

Paraffin wax is the most common type of wax used in decorative candles today.  This highly refined, petroleum by-product is formulated for safe use indoors.  The appearance of paraffin can be smooth or mottled (mottled wax has a rustic, handcrafted appearance) and the color range is rich and intense.  Paraffin wax is an ideal way to provide an amazing fragrance experience.


Natural waxes come from plant or vegetable based materials.  One hundred percent soy wax candles and soy blend candles are the most common.  Several industrial processes are required to process this biodegradable, renewable resource wax.  One hundred percent soy wax is very soft and is typically only available in jar candles. Colors tend to fall into the softer hues and unlike paraffin, have a reduced color range. Soy wax blends can have a variety of characteristics and appearances depending on the other waxes in the blend.  Soy wax combined with paraffin wax provides the positive characteristics of both.

Wax, the candle's fuel, is the largest component of a candle.  Below is more information about wax from the National Candle Association's web site.  For more information please visit  


No specific type of wax or wax blend is considered "best" for candle making. All candle waxes - when provided in high-quality format - have been shown to burn cleanly, safely and in the same manner.


There is no such thing as a soot-free wax.  All organic compounds when burned will emit some carbon (soot) due to incomplete combustion.  The amount of soot produced is primarily a factor of wick length and flame disturbance.


Reputable candle manufacturers use only high-quality waxes in their formulation.