We love hearing from you! It is a pleasure to share just a few of the many notes we receive from our satisfied candle consumers. 

essential elements
Candle Fragrances 
I am so impreszsed with my recent purchase of an "essential elements" candle.  I had to check the bottom label and see who made this wonderful product.  I purchased a Lemongrass and Coriander 3-wick cande from my local store.  This candle burned so evenly, without soot and has a wonderful scent throw.  Congratulations on a wonderful product.  I plan on purchasing many more for myself and for gifts.  I will highly recommend to all my candle buddies as well. 
I don't think that I have ever written to a company before, so this is a first for me...I am that impressed.
Congratulations on a great product!
DW, Cecil NJ 
Made in the USA
This winter I noticed a few of our candles were burning longer and better than the others so I looked at the label on the bottom of the candle. To my surprise they are made in the USA as well as being much better than others from various makers and countries. From now I am checking the labels on candles I purchase. Nice work Candle-lite! 

RC H., Boise, ID
Pillar Candles
Pillar Candles

“A grateful Thank You for your outstanding, well made candles. You have a truly superior product in the candle market place. One of your pillar candles got us through a long, dark night, caused by a power failure. This one candle lasted even longer than needed, with no dripping and with really strong illumination for a large room and hallways. Bravo for you and your products.   Thanks again.”

Dell L., Eagle Crest. OR
Candle Fragrances
Yummy! I am burning my first Candle-lite candle. It is some kind of home baked goods smell, but I don't know the scent. I AM SO SURPRISED AT THE QUALITY AND PRICE OF THIS CANDLE!!! IT IS ACTUALLY FRAGRANCING MY WHOLE ROOM DOWNSTAIRS!!! This is totally unusual for an affordable candle!!! I am impressed and wanted you to know. (I bought 2 other brands of candles at the store that were more expensive and ---- nothing. They produced no fragrance in the room at all.) I will be checking to see where you are selling your candles so I can go buy more!!! I can't wait. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!                                          

Donna Mc., Belleville, IL
Jar Candles Jar Candles
My friend bought me a Candle-lite large jar candle for my birthday it was the best candle I have ever used. It burned even all the way down. I like that and it shows me that it was a good candle. I love my candles and burn them every day. It makes your home smell so good. I have enjoyed using Candle-lite.

Pam J., Rocky Point, NC

Reed Diffusers

My job sometime takes me into peoples’ homes. I was in a home yesterday that smelled so incredibly good I couldn't resist asking what I was smelling. It was Candle-lite reed diffuser. The resident told me she purchased it at a CVS store. When I left her house I went directly to a CVS and purchased a Lemongrass & Coriander reed diffuser. I opened it up that night and within 30 minutes my whole room smelled fresh. But, it went beyond that. I never stopped smelling it, I Reed Diffusersdidn't get used to it and not notice it. It was constant and wonderful. Today, I went to a CVS and bought all 3 that they had on their shelf. Then, on my way home from work I spotted another CVS and stopped in and bought 4 more. A little much? Well, these are far better then any candle, potpourri, or plug-in freshener I have ever found. I will be giving a couple for gifts and keeping the rest for myself. I just wanted to say this is a wonderfully incredible product that I will recommend to everyone I know that loves a fresh smelling home. And at $9.99 even I can afford to indulge a little bit! THANK YOU Candle-lite. These are incredible!


Madeline C. Boise, ID

Willow Lane
Jar Candles 
I recently bought a Willow Lane candle at my neighborhood Meijer store. I love it, and I want more of your candles!

Kathy S., Grand Rapids, MI 

Reed Diffusers
Reed Diffusers      

I found one of your reed dispensers over the holidays. With so much shopping going on, I forgot which store I purchased it. It is by far the most lasting, wonderful smelling reed dispenser oil I have found and I have many. 


Lois. L., Jonesboro, AR    

Highly scented jar candles
Highly Scented Jar Candle
I recently tried one of your candles from a local store and have to say these are one of the cleanest burning and even burning and best scented candles that I have ever tried. I love your candles and look forward to purchasing many more. Thank you.


Maggie B., Daytona Beach, FL

New Leaf - an eco freindly candle collection 
Eco-Friendly Candles 
I bought my first New Leaf candle last night at my Kroger store. I got Bamboo River and I LOVE it! I love the light yet very refreshing scent. And, I also love that you're Green!!
Karen F. Indy, IN

Odor Neutralizing Candles

Odor Eliminating Candles

We've purchased the OdorClear Candles as we have many cats. They are wonderful.

With the help of Odor Clear, my husband let me keep this kitten!
Susan L. Marshall, MO

Entenmann's - a great gift candle collection

Best Scented CandlesCandle-lite and Entenmann's now have a line of bakery treat scented candles. The candles come in a variety of sizes but do not come in many scents. I chose the 20 oz glass jar for the great price of $11. The jar comes with a very plain, but to the point, label. It has the Entenmann's logo and a picture of butter pound cake. The glass jar is very thick and the lid is metal and screws onto the jar.

Within a few minutes of lighting the candle the scent fills my living room. I've been having the candle for a week and have burned it a few days, not much is gone so I think this candle will last a while.

If you happen to come across Candle-lite Entenmann's Butter Pound Cake Scented Candle or any another scent in the Candle-lite/Entenmann's candles check them out! I promise you won't be let down. I definitely recommend this candle.


Online blogger, LA