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Autumn is the season of beautiful hues as a warm glow is cast onto changing leaves. Harvest time brings shades of caramel, red apples, wheat and pumpkin.  Rustic elements of wrought iron, hammered metal and amber glass are comfortable with aged leather, burlap and Navajo patterns as autumn décor draws from the emerging western trend. This rugged sensibility continues the direction of re-purposing found objects and creating personal treasures for the home.


The home fragrance category welcomes nature's slowing pace of the fall season with the perennial favorite pumpkin leading the way.  Classic fruits and spices are joined by fresh woods in all markets.  Classic fruit scents of delicious red apples, juicy sweet plums, pomegranates, fresh pumpkins and delicious harvest fruits marry with textural warm woods, silky smooth sugars and golden, airy spices.
The changing colors of fall foliage inspire fragrances which capture the fresh scent of woodland trees and are created by the earthly presence of natural elements fallen from the trees: acorns, crisp leaves, twigs and pine cones.

Candle-lite offers candle options to light up the night in jack-o'-lanterns, centerpieces for fall parties and lining the family Thanskgiving table. Select from highly scented filled jar candles in three sizes and versatile pillar and tealight candles - both scented and unscented.  All are perfect for any fall setting.  Browse the seasonal décor gallery for fall decorating inspiration.