Safe Core Technology

Safe Core™ Technology
Q.  What exactly is Safe Core™ Technology?
A.  Safe Core is a technology that allows for optimal fragrance emission throughout the life of
      the candle and provides key 
safety features.
Q.  How does the Safe Core Technology work?
A.  Safe Core Technology utilizes a solid compressed core of scented wax in the center of a filled glass
     candle to properly center the wick.  A well-centered wick is a key safety feature of Candle-lite filled
     glass jars.  Centering of the wick assures that the flame does not come in contact with the sidewalls
     of the container reducing the possibility of breakage. 
Q.  Are there any other positive advantages to using the Safe Core Technology?
A.  Yes, there are.  More controlled cooling of the candle during manufacturing reduces any possibility
      of cosmetic defects and eliminates unsafe air pockets inside of the candle.
Q.  How do candles without Safe Core Technology perform?
A.  See for yourself.  Candles manufactured without this technology are susceptible to a
      "wandering wick"
that can bring the flame dangerously close to the side of a jar candle. 
Q.   Are there any other advantages to Candle-lite's manufacturing technologies?
ACandle-lite carefully develops wax formulations and selects wick sizes that ensure superior wax
      consumption versus competitive candles.