Candle-Lite - Reed Diffuser Tips

Reed Diffusers 
Q.  What are "reed diffusers?"
A.  Reed diffusers are yet another chapter in the fragrance story.  They release your most favorite aromas into the air
     through a unique delivery method.  Rather than releasing fragrance via the warm wax pool. A reed diffuser releases
     fragrance through the reeds inserted into fragrant reed diffuser oils. 
Q.  Where did the idea of reed diffusers originate?
A.  Europeans have been using essential oils to fill their homes with fragrance for hundreds of years.  In Mediterranean
     countries, empty olive oil bottles are used as vessels for the oils.  For the last decade, the popularity of reed diffusers
     has continued to grow in the U.S. market.
Q.  How exactly do reed diffusers work?
A.  A set of reeds is inserted into our specially formualted reed diffuser oils.  The decorative glass container is uncapped
     and the 
fragrance naturally disperses into the air.  The reeds become moist and transfer the oil into the air by capillary
This is the same action as when paper towels absorb moisture, fresh water is pulled up through a flower stem
     or liquid wax 
is drawn through a candle wick to fuel the flame.
Q.  What are the advantages of reed diffusers?
A.  Reed diffusers are perfect for all those areas of your home or work space that will benefit from a constant diffusion
fragrance, but cannot be tended to as a burning candle should be.  It is the perfect complement to your candle
Q.  How long do reed diffusers work?
A.  Good question - and a hard one to answer.  Many factors affect the longevity of the reeds - such as heat and humidity,
     fans and air conditioners and even open windows and doors.  Our development has shown that in most cases longevity
     is similar to the number of ounces of oil in the bottle.  For example, 4 oz. of diffuser oils will last 3-4 months, 8 oz. 6-8
     months and so on.
Q.  Are Candle-lite reeds bamboo or rattan?
A.  Candle-lite reeds are made of rattan.  Rattan is the best material to use for a reed diffuser, as it contains channels
     for the oil 
to be carried up and out and finally scenting the air in your room.
Q.  How often should I flip the reeds?
A.  If you notice that the fragrance intensity is weakening, we suggest you flip the reeds.  We recommend that you do
     this on a regular basis - maybe once a week for the best possible fragrance experience.  
Q.  Can I reuse my reeds and refill the container with new oil?
A.  Another excellent question and one we are frequently asked.  Once reeds are totally saturated with oil, the channels
     will no longer pull the scent up and disperse into the air. Also, once the reeds have been saturated with a scent, you
     cannot use with another as the cells in the reeds would already carry the original fragrance.  Candle-lite will soon be
     introducing a "replacement" program consisting of new reeds, oil refills and decorative ceramic vessels.  Please return
     to our site for more "Where to buy" information.
Q.  Can I reuse the diffuser bottle with reeds and oil?
A.  Yes.  A thorough cleaning with hot soapy water or run through a dishwasher cycle will thoroughly clean the
      bottle and make it suitable for reuse.
Q.  Can I use other oils such as candle oils or mix my own to be used with reeds?
A.  No.  Oils to be used with reeds are specially formulated for the best possible transfer and fragrance emission.  Other
     oils will only serve to clog the reeds.
Q.  Do Candle-lite reed diffusers contain alcohol?
A.  Candle-lite reed diffusers contain no alcohol and are California Air Resource Board (CARB) compliant.
     The product is composed of reed diffuser oils approved for global use by IFRA, the International Fragrance

Q.  Are there any special precautions I should take when using a reed diffuser in my home?
A.  Always keep out of the reach of young children and never ingest the reed diffuser oil.  Fragrance oils may damage
fabrics, painted surfaces, wood and plastics.  Take care to protect your surfaces during use.  Please
     refer to all
recommendations listed on the packaging.