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Trend Information

Consumers continue to seek out products and activities that are respectful of personal health and wellness.  This natural well-being and "good for you" life style trend is supported by our strong awareness and emphasis on the health benefits of eating well and right, exercising right and frequently and acknowledging the need for creating personal retreats that are simple and serene to cultivate a stress-free environment.  Candle-lite's exceptional collection - essential elements® - perfectly captures this trend.   

Fragrance/Color Information
The use of essential oils in the essential elements® collection appeals to the consumer seeking products with an
element of nature.  The fragrance offerings are rich and well-developed with an emphasis on the fresh and sparkling attributes of plants, herbs, fruits, flowers and woods.  The eight fragrance offerings in the essential elements® collection contain the added-value of essential oils - experience patchouli, lavender, and cedarwood or the dark mystique of sweet cassis.  

Product Information

The classic candle forms and rich ivory wax of essential elements® will be perfect in every home décor.  Select from filled jar and pillar candles, tealights and a sampler of four of the most popular fragrances.  The renewable resource soy wax blends are optimized for burn performance and fragrance delivery and use only 100% cotton wicks.  essential elements® is a collection that delivers.  It is perfect for all seasons, trend right, highly fragrant and a quality candle collection proudly made in the USA.  Any selection will be a special and most appreciated candle gift. 

View the entire essential elements collection to capture the essence of health and wellness.