Candle-Lite History

Our Heritage

It all started in 1840 when Thomas J. Emery, an English settler, began selling candles and lamp oils from his store front on Water Street in Cincinnati. The Emery Candle Company was founded on the principles of quality, value, service and innovation. Thomas Emery Jr. continued the legacy by hiring scientist, Dr. Ernest Twitchell who invented a process for spliting  fats and isolating stearic acid form tallow. This discovery lead to a superior wax formula that created a white sturdy dripless candle. (Dr. Twitchell received the prestegious Perkin Medal in science.)

After suffering from a severe flood and devistating fire, The Emery Candle Company moved to a larger facility in St. Bernard. 

By the turn of the century, Emery Candle Company, firmly established in the American market, was a major exporter  of candles and chemicals to Europe.

The Emery Family maintained control of the business until 1952 when Al Levinson and John Magro purchased the candle business, renamed the company "Candle-lite", and moved the entire operation to Leesburg, Ohio. In 1972 Candle-lite was acquired by Lancaster Colony Corporation. As of January 31, 2014 Candle-lite was acquired by Centre Lane Partners. Candle-lite's business office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, with its expanded 900,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant, warehouse and distribution center still in the village of Leesburg. Our proud attention to detail and dedication to making the finest mass produced home interior candles is as keen as Mr. Emery's was in 1840. The extensive line of Candle-lite products can be found in major retailers across the United States and Canada and in many fine stores throughout the world market.